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A club member can be anyone from the age of 3 years who loves sport, travel and adrenaline of the competition.
In order to become a club member, you must:
1. To go through a trial training session and make the decision to cheerleading.
2. To enroll in the group from the coach, giving your details (name, age, contact number and the phone number of parents for minor athletes).
3. Provide a certificate of health from the clinic.
4. To provide insurance (issued independently by the insurance company).
5. To enter into a contract with the club.
6. Provide copies of documents (certificates of birth of minor athlete or passport , copy of the passport of the parent with whom a contract).
7. Provide 4 photos sized 3x4 cm.
8. To pay for the services of the club according to the contract.
All athletes of the club must:
1. To acquire qualification record (Chir-passport), which will be recorded all the sporting achievements of the athlete. In the absence of qualifying books, the athlete will not be allowed to compete.
2. To participate in mandatory competitions of the Federation: municipal, regional and national. And also in the qualifying rounds before the championship of Ukraine.
3. Exams for cheer.
4. Make timely payment of membership fees in regional and vseukrainskoy Federation.
If an athlete wants to do cheerleading just to maintain his physical form, he is obliged to inform his coach as soon as he came to the club. In this case, the athlete only attends training and participates in competitions and performances of the club.
Certification of athletes takes place according to the schedule of examinations of the Federation of cheerleading and cheersport Ukraine. On the basis of examinations and competition results best athletes will be allowed in the national team which will represent Ukraine at the international competitions.
Training is strictly not allowed athletes who were not provided:
- certificate of health condition;
- the contract on rendering of services;
- have a debt to pay.
All athletes and their parents are unconditionally subject to the rules of the club.
The coach is the main in training and. No one has the right to tell him how to conduct training, which athletes to put on competitions, what costumes to wear team.
Training strictly prohibited:
1. To be in everyday clothes and street shoes. All athletes must be dressed in training suits and change the shoes in comfortable shoes.
2. Any consumption of food, candy and chewing gum. Allowed to have water with you and drink it only with the permission of the coach.
3. Presence in the training process of the parents, any other relatives and friends.
4. Misconduct, disputes with the coach, failing to comply with instructions of the coach. Violators of discipline the coach has the right to remove with exercise.
5. Any intervention of third parties (parents, relatives, friends) in the course of the training process. Can lead to exclusion of the athlete from the club.
6. To keep cell phones on speaker mode. All phones must be in silent mode.
7. Talking on a cell phone.
If the athlete systematically violates the rules of the club, the club management reserves the right to exclude him from the lineup.
If the parents of the athlete do not wish to obey the rules of the club, the coach impose his opinion, provoke conflicts, the administration of the club reserves the right to expel the athlete from the club.

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