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Active and healthy lifestyle is an integral part of the life of any modern man. Fortunately, irretrievably gone are the days when "cool" was considered the cigarette in his mouth and a bottle of beer in hand. Now more and more people abandon bad habits, choose the right food and sport.
 Sport and a healthy lifestyle are inextricably linked with each other. This confirms the famous saying: "healthy body – healthy spirit!" And rightly so. As a rule, the athletes are strong and determined people, constantly going forward. The positive impact of sport on health and the human character will never be questioned and has long been scientifically proven. Not for nothing that the ancient Greeks paid special attention to physical activity for boys and girls, creating a special institution – the school.
 Prevention a healthy lifestyle involves three basic rules: avoiding harmful habits, proper nutrition and regular exercise. And if the first two points require tremendous force of will, to remember the school physical education lessons and everyone can. Do not try to become professional athletes, but simple physical activity will benefit everyone. If you are ready to promise yourself to lead an active healthy lifestyle, I am willing to help and tell how to exercise for greatest effect. To begin to understand why prevention is healthy lifestyle so important?

 The impact of sports on health
 On this subject you can write a whole scientific work, having considered the question from a medical point of view. However, such work is with medical terms is unlikely to be interesting and understandable, so I will only list those facts that are known to everyone since childhood.
 1. With regular practice of sport improves posture. It promotes the proper location of all human organs.
 2. Bones and ligaments become stronger, which reduces the risk of injury when falling and severe injuries.
 3. The heart becomes more resilient and, therefore, reduces the possibility of strokes and heart attacks in the elderly.
 4. Exercise improves the blood circulation.
 5. Sport and a healthy lifestyle help look best: provide a nice trim figure.
 6. Regular exercise relieves stress, improves mood and increase the ability of the individual. Therefore, people involved in sports from his youth, even in old age they look younger, have fewer ailments and always smiling.
 Now that you know how great the impact of sports on human health, you'll want to now start training. Take your time, read some of the recommendations.

 How to exercise for health?
 First of all, assess the strength. In this case, as exercise, the main thing – do not overdo it. If you are an aspiring athlete, especially need to listen carefully to your own feelings. It is not necessary to do "till you drop". As soon as you feel that muscles have worked enough, stop doing the exercise. Don't be discouraged if it does not immediately make a lot of approaches or achieve a certain result. Success will come gradually over time. Don't hurt yourself in a good intention as to lead an active healthy lifestyle.
 Batch load depending on age. It is clear that young children, adolescents and the elderly is contraindicated loads associated for example with weight lifting. Men and women of middle age, you can work on specific muscle groups that are considered problematic.
 Exercises should be regular. Only then it is possible to achieve the desired result. But if your sport will be limited to visiting the gym two or three times in six months, a sport and a healthy lifestyle does won't affect you.
 The benefits of a healthy lifestyle is well known and has been for many years is undeniable. Quality and balanced diet, sound sleep, a feasible physical work, frequent walks on fresh air – all these aspects largely help strengthen the body, promote youth and longevity. However, it is the activities in human life is the most powerful and effective factor in preserving health. Sport strongly contributes to the harmonious development of man, and this is especially important at a young age. That is why, boys and girls would benefit from regular playing sports from a very young age, so he was able to exert its beneficial effects and have laid a good Foundation of health for many, many years. Sport is an integral component of a person's life, providing the necessary activity. Physical education and sport gives a charge of vivacity and optimism, strengthen the immune system and thereby protect human from various diseases.
 Sport is inseparable linked with the hardening, and this point is extremely important, because the resistance of man to external factors, such as low temperatures, dampness or heat, provides good health throughout life. Also, doing sports, with pleasure and joy to celebrate the lightness and flexibility of the body, strength of muscles and elasticity of the joints, because a great physical shape – a worthy reward for those willing to overcome laziness and striving towards self excellence. The benefits of physical culture is not confined to health functions. The sport is still in a great mood, high vitality and the extraordinary elation, and this is a perfect Foundation for the pursuit of success, new achievements and fruitful work.

Sincerely, Victoria A. Apostolov, The chief of SK "Edelweiss"

Cheerleading team of the Dnieper